Book Review: An Act of Silence, by Colette McBeth

Check out this review of the book, An Act of Silence, by Colette McBeth, from the Little Bookness Lane blog

Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  Wildfire Books

Publication date:  26th June 2017

An Act of Silencepicks at the scars of the past leaving them forever unhealed, as facts are creatively twisted to provide a sickening substitute for the truth.

The headline of “comic arrested on suspicion of murder” is no laughing matter. Multiple narrators step in and out of recurrent past and present time periods to raise their voices from an orchestrated hush to an almighty roar. They are each painted as wholly unreliable and their dependability remains cleverly disguised in plain sight throughout.

The story takes an outrageous turn when this funny man’s latest celebrity scandal bleeds into his mother’s disgraced political career and the most despicable of monsters groom dispirited residents of children’s home with the lure of fame and the wrong kind of attention.

I suspected the worst in people, questioned every motive, and sat a little further forward in…

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