My Series of #FamilySaga Authors. Today with Rosie Goodwin #MondayBlogs

Rosie Goodwin is featured on Judith Barrow’s Blog as part of her Family Saga Authors series.

Judith Barrow

Over the last few months I’ve been chatting with authors who, like me, write Family Sagas, (#familysaga) a genre that can cover many countries, years  and cultures. I am thrilled that so many excellent writers agreed to meet here with me.  Rosie Goodwin is the last (and posted a little later than I anticipated) but is certainly not the least.  I’m sure you’ll  find her as fascinating as I do. her novels will definitely have your TBR list of books toppling over!!

rosie head shotWelcome, Rosie, good to see you here today.

It’s good to be here, Judith.

Please tell us, first, where did your love of books/storytelling/writing etc. come from?

I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t love reading and writing. Even as a child I always had my head buried in a book or I was scribbling a story.

Dilly's Sacrifice (Dilly's Story Book 1) by [Goodwin, Rosie]The Ribbon Weaver: A young girl's sparkling future is thwarted by a devastating secret by [Goodwin, Rosie]The Maid's Courage by [Goodwin, Rosie]How long have you been writing?

Again, I can’t…

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