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How to Self-Publish Your Non-Fiction Book

It’s time: You’ve got an idea burning in your head and want to write a non-fiction book. But should you go the agent route or self-publish it on your own? I’ve had success with the latter, and would like to share how I did it. While others have written guides like this, the ones I’ve found tend to focus on fiction, which is a different animal than non-fiction like my own project.

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The Tapas free self-publishing platform for both web and mobile novels goes live

The books and comics mobile book platform Tapas reached out today to say that their free, self-publishing platform is now live.

Josh Bakken, Senior Director of Growth at Tapas Media, said that the platform is in “very open beta where people have been successfully uploading new episodes and stories for almost a week now.”

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How to get ahead in self-publishing: never stop dreaming

We all have dreams. For many, writing a book and seeing it on the shelves of bookshops is a dream come true. The next best thing to fulfilling your own dream is to help someone else to fulfill theirs. Such was my opportunity when my father wrote his dream book.

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Amazon sets up shop in the heart of the publishing industry

Jeff Bezos, the chief executive officer of Amazon, has often struck a defiant tone when asked about the company’s dominance of the book industry.

“Amazon is not happening to book selling,” he said in a 2013 interview. “The future is happening to book selling.”

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How to be your own publisher

Suhani Mishra, a 27-year-old public relations professional dreams of writing her own book. “But everyone can’t be Haruki Murakami or Arundhati Roy. You need to know how to write and also have connections in the publishing industry,” she says. Like her, there are hundreds out there who aspire to write and sell their own book but don’t know how to approach publishing houses. How about self-publishing your book in that case? These software tools will guide you.

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