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Hello, my name is Polly White. I’m a debut novelist.

I love swimming but have not been able to go recently due to a burst ear drum and surgery. Boo!

So, I have been walking and bike riding in the lovely countryside, (I enjoy watching the birds overhead as I go), to prevent my weight gain, as a passion is creating in the kitchen.

You see, I adore to cook for my family and friends.

Of course, I must taste the results to ensure I’m not poisoning them…

There is a picture of an Easter cake that I devoured this year with a little help from my friends.

At present, I’m trying out healthy-ish sweet recipes for a friend’s daughter’s Christening. The fruit cake I’m contributing was made before Christmas, with lashings of rum sporadically added I trust that it will not disappoint.

The icing and flowers are all that…

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