The Problem With “Try”

As a fellow band member (I was a drum major), I can relate to this post from Allison Maruska’s blog

Allison Maruska

When I was in high school band (yes, I was just that cool), the director of the brass line would sometimes lead practices, and one of his favorite things to say was this:

no try

He said it in a Yoda voice and I didn’t really get it at the time, other than it was a Yoda thing. I can only assume he said it in response to a student telling him they would try something.

“I’ll try,” they’d say.

“Do or do not. There is no try,” he’d reply.

*student rolls eyes*

I’ve become more aware of the meaning of the word “try” as I’ve grown older and wiser. It struck me this morning when my husband said something innocuous about the garbage. See, the can in the kitchen was full and today is trash day, so we needed to get the bag out before the truck came by.

“I’ll try…

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