Book Review: The Night Brother, by Rosie Garland

Check out this review of the book, The Night Brother, by Rosie Garland, via the Little Bookness Lane blog.

Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  The Borough Press

Publication date:  1st June 2017

After previously spending time in A Palace of Curiosities and travelling back to the 14th century with Vixen, I was over the moon to discover the same staggeringly talented author of these two books has a new one on the horizon – The Night Brother.

Once again I find myself lost in the reverie of Rosie Garland’s exquisite writing. Extraordinarily enchanting,The NightBrother’s emotional bounty caresses each page to boldly pursue the trials that can divide and conquer.

Sharing a parallel existence, so one leads by day and the other by night, we see life through the eyes of Edie and Gnome (Herbert). These unique siblings occupy one body in a challenging world, where gender equality is a ludicrous notion and many battles are fought, both publicly and in private.

Edie’s and Gnome’s personalities mature from mischievous children…

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