10 More Handy Writing Tips That I Use Regularly – Part 2

Here is a link to part 1 of this list in case you missed it. PART 1


  • Create a space in your home especially for writing. This way you have an oasis and you can also send a message that, when you are in this space, you are writing. Of course, you should also be prepared to write wherever you happen to be.


  • Proofread everything at least three times before submitting your work for publication.

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  • Start a blog. Use it to talk about your own writing process, share your ideas and experiences, or publish your work to a reading audience. Use this valuable community of authors to learn and teach in a cooperative atmosphere.


  • Use writing exercises and writing prompts to improve your skills, strengthen your talent, and explore different genres, styles, and techniques.


  • Let go of your inner editor. When you sit down to write a draft, refrain from proofreading until that draft is complete.


  • Embrace your failures. Allow yourself to write poorly, to write a weak, uninteresting story or a boring, grammatically incorrect poem. You’ll never succeed if you don’t allow yourself a few failures along the way. Also, you don’t have to share what you’ve written until you’re ready.


  • Make it your business to understand grammar and language. Do you know a noun from a verb, a predicate from a preposition? Do you understand tense and verb agreement? You should. Know the difference between there, their and they’re.


  • You are a writer so own it and say it out loud: “I am a writer.” Whether it’s a hobby or your profession, if you write, then you have the right to this title.


  • Keep on writing. You’re ability to finish a piece of writing cannot be taken from you.


  • If you forget every other tip, remember the one just before this one.

33 thoughts on “10 More Handy Writing Tips That I Use Regularly – Part 2

  1. Another tip is that you can’t really do without a good editor. They will pick up the sorts of things that you and your beta readers are all likely to miss. A case in point is your most important tip:
    ‘Keep on writing. You’re ability to finish a piece of writing cannot be taken from you.’ That should be ‘your ability’.

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  2. Don, is there any chance you could add the link to Part 1 at the end of this post? I’d like to include the link to your tips in a guest post, but my host has a word limit, and it would be great if people could easily navigate to Part 1 from here.

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