Finding the Perfect Date/Book – Guest Blog Post By Author J. A. Alexsoo

Check out this guest post by author J.A. Alexsoo from Dan Alatorre’s blog.

Dan Alatorre

danTime to turn the wheel over to a friend and learn something from somebody other than me! Enjoy this terrific guest blog author J. A. Alexsoo.

This isn’t just about picking a book to read, but what readers look for in a book – so write one that way, too!



Finding the Perfect Date Book

Hi, I’m Book. Would You Like to Turn My Pages?

Guest post by J.A. Alexsoo

For some, choosing your next book can be daunting. Maybe you are searching for something new, or picking from your endless “To Read” pile. There are tons out there, so how do you decide? Think of it like dating.

The Search: Where Art Thou, My Book?

ALEXSOO_colour author J. A. Alexsoo

You don’t want to just close your eyes and point at random. Your time is valuable. The higher your chances of having a good time, the better. So…

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