Traditional Publishers DO Help with Marketing

Check out this enlightening post from Steven Capps on the marketing provided by traditional publishers.

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Welcome back readers! Like always, I’ll let you know some general news before we delve into today’s post.

PodCastle (the magazine I’m an Associate Editor at) is going to temporarily close our submissions to the general public sometime in June because our slush pile is getting huge. This is intended to give us time to catch up, but we will reopen unsolicited submissions in the future. If you have a fantasy, short story under 6,000 words and you’ve been wanting to submit to us (we pay $0.06/word) you might want to get on it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.47.00 PM

In addition, I’ve been steadily recording podcast episodes and once I have 26 edited and recorded, I will go ahead and schedule them once every two weeks. This will allow a constant stream and since podcasting is a bit more labor intensive than writing, I don’t trust myself to have regular content unless I front-load the…

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