Business Musings: How To Build A Brand: The Early Stages (Branding/Discoverability) #h2e

How To Ebook

When I do marketing posts, they tend to freak my loyal readers out. Sometimes, the posts freak me out too. What writers want from marketing blogs are simple suggestions that boil down to this:

Do x, y, and z, and you’ll get these fantastic results!

Only it doesn’t work that way. Or rather, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. I’m writing this on Sunday, after our weekly professional writers lunch. We have writers of different levels at the lunch, including writers who’ve worked for decades, and writers who are on their third or fourth year as full-time professionals.

We discussed Amazon ads, which we all jumped into at roughly the same time, using the same or similar methods. We all have had stunningly different results. Those of us who’ve been in the business longer haven’t seen the uptick that the newer authors are seeing—which makes sense, since the ads…

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