Can You Market Your Book For 5 Minutes A Day? #motownwriters

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

What if I told you that you can market your book for just five minutes a day and be successful at selling more books, branding your name, and getting out your message?

From a handful. I would get the response:  “That’s too much time.”  They fear book marketing. But for the vast majority, they’d likely respond:  “That’s not possible.”

Well, after reading through a new book, 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors: Easy and Effective Ways to Market Your Book Every Single Day by Penny Sansevieri, you will feel not only is it possible, but necessary.

The book is written in short, easy-to-follow chapters that ease even novice authors and first-time book marketers into the process of making themselves a little famous.

Sansevieri, who has penned 16 books, runs a marketing company, and teaches publishing and marketing at NYU, claims:  “This book is set-up so that you can do only 5-minute…

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