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art1‘Show me the money!’: the self-published authors being snapped up by Hollywood

After watching Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, self-published author Mark Dawson was inspired to create his own answer to the film’s heroine Beatrix “Black Mamba” Kiddo. And now Dawson – and his character government-employed assassin Beatrix Rose – are set to take on Hollywood, with his series on the verge of a major television deal, complete with a “triple A” producer.

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Start the presses: Indie publishing on the rise

The rumors of independent book publishing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, if you ask Stalking Horse Press publisher James Reich. Reich, who is also the chair of the creative writing and literature department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, wrote to Pasatiempo, “We need small presses to keep literature vital, because the corporations owned by Rupert Murdoch or CBS, for example, aren’t particularly interested in literature.”

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Frances Chavarria was in her eighties when she sat down to write her first book. Now 90, the Rockville resident is getting ready for book signings and dreams of seeing her novel up on the big screen.

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Grade five students at Muriel Clayton set to self-publish book on Syrian refugee

Nick Stabler’s fifth grade class is set to self-publish a book on a Syrian Refugee and him finding his way in Canada.

The 26 young authors all sat down to brainstorm ideas for creating a novel under the leadership of Stabler. The students decided to write about Ammar, a Syrian Refugee whose house in Syria was bombed by terrorists.

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E-books aren’t dying, but their quest to dominate the world has hit a speed bump

It wasn’t so long ago that book publishers and bookstore owners were quailing at the coming of e-books, like movie theater owners at the dawn of the television age.

Now they’re taking things more calmly. Recent statistics confirm a trend first noticed by the book trade in late 2015: At least among major publishers, e-book sales have plateaued or even begun to decline. It turns out that not all readers are quite ready to give up the tactile pleasures of holding a hardcover or paperback in their hands in order to partake of the convenience and digital features of e-reading.

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