Vampire & Single – Part 8 World Gone Crazy #ASMSG #Vampire #Paranormal


Welcome to my weekly blog series – Vampire & Single.

Last week Sasha chose to fight against her vampire urges and evil Viktor’s plans. She rescued Bill, the prisoner, and on top of an office block, bravely fought against the Vampires of Darkness.

Whilst taking Bill to safety, a camera from a helicopter filmed Sasha flying.

Henry reappeared and helped to hide her away from the prying human world. He admitted he had strong feelings for her but couldn’t follow his heart, as he believed he would lose control.

Here’s is this week’s part:

World Gone Crazy.


4.23 A.M. I have spent the last few hours alone. Henry left the room almost immediately after confessing his feelings for me. Before he closed the door he made it clear the TV was not to be switched on.

I would like to say his order was obeyed and I sat in…

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