Do You Need a Literary Agent?

Check out this post from Michael Dellert on the potential merits of having a literary agent.


A common question for all new writers – and the answer, almost always, is yes, you need a literary agent.

Why Do You Need an Agent?

With the rise of ebooks and self- and indie-publishing, many writers are asking WHY they need an agent. And some agents are now changing their business model, offering to bring self-published works to the market for an ongoing cut of the proceeds (so-called “agent-assisted self-publishing”).

A lot of indie writers look at the prerequisites they need to bring to an agent in order to be considered for representation (a marketing plan, an author platform capable of sustaining the sales effort for the book, etc.) and they rightly wonder, “If I have everything the agent and the publisher needs to sell the book, then why do I need the agent and the publisher to sell the book?”

And the answer is: You don’t, not necessarily.

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