Seeking Advice – Audio Book Creation

Got Audiobooks.jpegThis blogging community has authors of all experience and success levels. One of the things I’ve been contemplating to take my writing to a new market is the creation of an audio book.

As I contemplate this, and I have on an off for the past three years, I’m trying to find the most economic, but effective way to make this happen for my first book. I would then like to used the increased revenue from the additional market to fund audio versions of my other books.

With this in mind, I thought I would leverage this community to get some advice from those of you that have created audio books. I will tell you that my first inclination was to record it myself. This can be done for a relatively low cost, but I just didn’t like the sound of my voice. I have a nasal, monotone voice that sounds much different in my ear than it does when it’s recorded.

So, here are my questions. I appreciate any information that you can provide:

  1. Did you hire a professional voice actor/actress to record your audio book?
  2. Approximately how much did this cost? Giving a range or price per word count is fine.
  3. Have you seen an uptick in sales or significant revenue for the audio version of your book?
  4. How does your marketing differ for audio books?
  5. Are there any other things I should know going into this venture?

I understand if you are reluctant to share information. I would even be grateful if you pointed me in the direction of resources you have used to research and create your audio books.

I truly appreciate this blogging community and respect your experience and knowledge. I hope that I can help you out with similar advice at some point.


Don Massenzio


34 thoughts on “Seeking Advice – Audio Book Creation

  1. I’ve been happy using ACX for all my audio books. It doesn’t cost a penny, and you share the royalties with your narrator. You put an excerpt up for audition, and you get to choose which narrator you prefer. After the book is complete you will receive some free Audible codes to give out.

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  2. Hi there, I have a post all about creating an audio book if you want to check it out. I narrated it myself, but I a used to be an actor and have done a lot of voice work in the past. I struggle to sell my audio book of short stories and haven’t seen any significant upsurge in book sales because of it. However, I am seeing a trickle of interest when I blog about it. Here is the link to my post:

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  3. I haven’t ventured into this area yet, but like you, I do want to. My own voice sounds about 12 years old when on audio and I have a very distinctive Orcadian accent. I would need to hire a voice over person. I would love to keep up with your progress and see how you get on. Good luck, Don.

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  4. As an update, I put my book, Blood Orange, on ACX as recommended by others here and got an audition from an experienced voice actor. The book is underway with a shared royalty arrangement. It should be out in late July or early August.


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  7. Stevie, thank you so much for getting back to me. I’m sure the answer was on the ACX website somewhere, but I just couldn’t find it. I’m looking forward to pursuing this, and I appreciate any help I can get. (Thanks for asking the questions, Don, and congratulations on getting your first book on audio!)

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  8. Hi there Don,

    Paulette Motzko here….
    I am in the same boat as you but I thank you for articulating your post and hope you will get helpful responses from it.
    I am sharing it on WritersWorkLab to increase the odds you’ll get comments that are truly helpful.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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