Opening Scene: Ichabod Brooks & the Orphan’s Shadow

Check out the opening scene from Ichabod Brooks & The Orphan’s Shadow by Charles Yallowitz from his Legends of Windemere blog

Legends of Windemere

Ichabod Brooks

“I still don’t see why you’re needed on this job,” Kia Pulzer says, the guard captain easily matching Ichabod’s long strides. Not wanting to be disturbed, the bald half-elf waves for her men to hang back with the slow-moving wagons. “This is nothing more than a simple escort mission. These kids are getting new families and your presence makes them nervous. All of them know you’re nothing more than a mercenary, which is why they think something is going to happen.”

“Yeah, it’s me being here. They couldn’t possibly be unnerved by the curse-filled rant you made when I showed up,” Ichabod Brooks replies with a sigh. He gives up trying to get ahead of the soldier, who moves as if she is not weighed down by platemail. “Look, Captain Pulzer, I’m doing this job to help a friend. Lord Dolvan wants his former charges to get to…

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