One Tip to Type Faster Using Scrivener

Check out this helpful Scrivener tip from The Story Empire blog

Story Empire

I recently started a new project for my next book, The White Arrow. If I had planned the entire series using Scrivener, then all of The Bow of Hart Saga would be in a single project. But I chose not to do that since I was in the middle of The Bow of Destiny at the time. However, there’s one feature I like to have that works per project (by design actually) and that’s Auto-complete.

For a fantasy author (and for any author really), names get to be a pain to type repeatedly and also lead to a plethora of typos. While a rough draft is rough, it doesn’t have to be filled with errors. With Scrivener’s Auto-complete in use, you can type faster. If you’re familiar with it in similar editors, then you get the picture.

Otherwise, here’s how it works: you start typing a name and Auto-complete suggests…

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