Mystery Mondays Review: “Remember No More” by Jan Newton

Check out this review of the book, Remember No More, by Jan Newton, as featured on Christoph Fischer’s blog


remember-no-more.jpgI’ve heard a lot of praise about Jan Newton’s novel and must say I was intrigued by the title and cover. Being published by the reliably quality-picking Honno Press I was gutted when I realised I missed getting my signed copy from the author at the Llandeilo Book Fair. Kindly, Jan send me a copy anyway and the sun shone in our garden last week, allowing me for a rare moment of literary indulgence. So her’s my review:

Maybe it is the setting in Wales or the layered setting up of the characters, but I immediately took a liking to this book.
The murder happens in a prologue, so for a while you don’t really know where this is going. You’re faced with a female detective whose private life is complicated, let alone the new job.
Enter a different narrative about a newly released prisoner with scores to settle and…

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