…be careful what yeez wish for, Authors… yeez might get it…

Check out these words of wisdom from author Seumas Gallacher. I’m sure many of us can relate to this post.

Seumas Gallacher

…the most perfect vision in the WURLD is hindsight… and this ol’ Jurassic has enuff ‘hind’ to spare… having bobbled around as an Author for almost a decade now, I realize there were several things I WISHED for… some materialized, others didn’t…  here’s a few thoughts I’d like to share on how these WURKED out (or didn’t!)

  1. …wishing I’d started my scribbling career 40 years earlier… then having the reality sink in… forty years earlier would have plonked me squarely in an age of no internet… of no web… of no SOSYAL NETWURKS… of no self-publishing on the universal scale available now on the likes of Auntie Amazon… and, I’d have been deprived of the identity I’ve sculpted for Master Gallacher on here as the ol’ Scots Jurassic writer… furthermore, and prob’ly most significantly of all, I would not have had the richness of experience thrown up by…

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