This Week in Indie Publishing


Ready to Write Your Own Book? The Transformation of Self-publishing

Almost half a million.  That’s how many self-published books hit the market last year and that number is growing.

Dr. Alison Baverstock of Kingston University in London doesn’t find that surprising at all. Her research into the publishing industry led to her to write, How To Market Books, which is often referred to as the “bible of book marketing” and has been translated into 15 different languages.

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BookBaby Helps Authors Navigate the Self-Publishing Journey With Free Guide

BookBaby, the nation’s leading independent self-publisher, announced its latest guide, 5 Steps to Self-Publishing, is now available as a free download for writers seeking practical, easy to understand information about how to self-publish their book.

“This is all the essential information that writers need to take transform their raw manuscript into a finished, published book,” said BookBaby President Steven Spatz. “This book is designed to be used a compass for beginners looking to learn the basics of the process and a refresher course for experienced authors who want to expand their knowledge.”

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Literary agents aren’t dead: Shark Tank for books (Part 2)

The publishing landscape is rapidly changing. In the past, any aspiring author needed a publisher and landing a publisher almost always required a literary agent. This has changed with the rise of self-publishing, BUT it’s important to keep things in perspective. I’m writing this series (part one here) to give ideas to writers (including myself) on how to navigate the new terrain while also doing somewhat of a myth buster on the notion that literary agents are now somehow extinct.

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Amazon has made a tiny change that’s great for readers and bad news for book publishers

Until recently, if you bought a new book on Amazon, your default option was to buy that book from Amazon. That’s no longer the case.

On March 1, the e-commerce giant quietly made a change that allows third-party booksellers to become the default option for any new books you’re trying to buy. This is how the rest of the site operates, and it means you’ll see cheaper options for new books right away, without having to dig around in the already very crowded UX of Amazon’s product pages.

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Andy Weir is publishing a new crime book set on the moon

Andy Weir has experienced unparalleled success with his first book, the Martian. We have known for a few years that he was going to write a new title, but details were scarce. Weir has divulged that his new title is going to be called Artemis and it is a crime thriller set on the moon. It is due out in bookstores on November 14th 2017.

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