How to conduct an effective, revealing interview

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing blog on conducting an effective, revealing interview of a character

Jean's Writing

Of a fictional character

That’s right, main, minor or your imaginary muse. You can conduct an interview and discover all sorts of stuff about them.

You can be formal and all Dragnet, “Just the facts.” Using a basic character template that fills in stuff like name, rank, eye color, height, weight, marriage status, etc.

Or you can get creative and let your freak fly free with wild questions.

This is your interview so ask away.

I’ve never seen anyone have fun with the process as much as Dan Alatorre did in a recent post. Character Interview: Samantha (Sam) From Poggibonsi.

Dan’s post got me to thinking, which by the way, is not always easy. What if I were to conduct a conversation before I sit down to write a scene? A shortened version of an interview?

Who doesn’t enjoy talking about themselves? Especially, fictional people. What better way to get a story flowing…

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