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Treacherous Strand (Inishowen Mysteries Book 2) by [Carter, Andrea]

Treacherous Strand is the second of Andrea Carter’s Inishowen mysteries featuring solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O’Keefe. Don’t worry if, like me, you haven’t read the first book as this reads perfectly as a standalone. There are a few brief references to the previous story but really just enough to make you familiar with Ben’s background. The story begins with an immediately gripping chapter which sees Ben driving at speed along a Donegal coast road to where a body has been found on a beach. The woman is identified as Frenchwoman Marguerite, one of Ben’s clients, and Ben feels that she has somehow let her down. The police believe it to be a case of suicide but Ben isn’t convinced and begins her own enquiries into what happened.

The front of the book has a quote from The Irish Times saying it’s ‘a real page turner’ and I would have to agree…

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