If you want to submit, it’s important to know the rules

Here’s a very useful post from Jean’s Writing blog on following the submission rules for literary publications

Jean's Writing

It’s been a long while since I submitted anything for a literary publication. As I’ve posted in the past, life gets in the way too many times and distracts me from #writing. This year I hope to do better. After setting my goals for the rest of the year, I need to lie down. Whew.

But back to submitting stories or articles. Check out the following post and…

Know the rules , stay organized.

Don’t get locked out when you submitt!

If you want to submit to publications, know the rules.

Connie Jasperson explains how to use Submittable and how to track your submissions. Keep reading and get to submitting that great story.

I’m a member of several author groups who regularly meet in online chat-rooms to talk about the craft. Every member of these groups are published authors, some traditionally, and some Indie. Many are hybrid, with work both…

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