Emotional Beats: Doors

Here’s another great selection from the book, Emotional Beats, by Nicholas Rossis from his blog

Nicholas C. Rossis

Back in September, I published Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, I will be posting the book on my blog. So, here is the next installment, continuing Part 3 of the book: Other Beats. This one deals with:


Emotional Beats | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Read for free with KU

He opened a door. She closed a door. Is that really all we can say about doors?

  • He tore the door open.
  • She slammed the door.
  • The doors lumbered shut.
  • They filed through the door.
  • Doors banged.
  • The door crashed open.
  • He vanished behind the glossy wooden doors as he swung them shut.  She waited until they clicked closed.
  • He slammed the door behind him.
  • The door creaked open.
  • Doors squeaked, scraped and groaned open.
  • He reached in and yanked the connecting door closed.
  • The door snapped shut.
  • Behind her, the door groaned shut.
  • The door thudded closed.
  • The door…

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