New Book, New Writing Process? Why Changing it Up Works #motownwriters

Check out this great post from the Motown Writers blog on changing up your writing process

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I have this weird habit of tracking patterns in my head. When I worked on my Master’s degree in Cultural Geography, I suddenly realized I was a social scientist at heart, watching people do their thing and examining why they did it. How they shape their environment and how their environment shapes them—their habits, their beliefs, their cultural norms, etc. It should have come as no surprise to me that I would follow market trends in publishing as I discussed a couple of months ago (HERE), or that I would examine my writing process (and those of others) so closely. Why people write the way they do, their methods, their tics and preferences, their successes or failures. Could I have luck employing their process, too?

After a lot of thought and plenty of practice, the most profound thing I’ve discovered in all of these examinations about process…

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