How does Instafreebie work? (And how to make it work for YOU)

Here is a great post from the How to eBook blog on the topic of instafreebies.

How To Ebook

So, what is Instafreebie?

Instafreebie (here) is a site that gives e-books away free to anyone who wants them. That sounds nice for readers, but not great for authors . . . except that the giveaway comes with a sweet little wrinkle.

Because, in order to collect their free ebook, readers have to give the author their email address.

Here, for example, is what an Instafreebie giveaway page looks like. There’s a book cover. A “come and get it” headline. And a really easy sign-up form.

instafreebie-page(Just click the image to go straight to the page itself.)

So actually, Instafreebie isn’t really a way of giving away books – it’s a way to give away books in exchange for an email address.

And since presumably no one downloads a British-set crime novel (like my one above) unless they are actually interested in reading British-set crime novels…

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