Coming Soon To Amazon – The Story Stuff A-Z Ebook!

Check out Allison Maruska’s upcoming book on writing fiction you can also get a free advance copy via this post on her blog.

Allison Maruska

If you followed the blog in April, you know I participated in the A-Z blogging challenge after choosing the theme of Story Stuff—anything lining up with elements involved in writing a fictional piece. Because I linked many of the posts to other related posts, the series ended up being a rather comprehensive collection of fiction writing tips that could be combined into an easy-to-navigate ebook. Ergo, S is for Story was born.

story stuff cover6All of the content in the ebook is included here on the blog under the A-Z tag, though I’ve combined the original A-Z posts with the linked posts and some additional content (including material written by best-selling author Dan Alatorre) to make single “chapters.” Also, each chapter heading links back to the Table of Contents for easy navigation to topics of interest. Some chapters are shorter and easy to digest. Others go into greater detail for writers ready for more.

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