This week in Indie Publishing


Putting pen to paper

Stories about love and loss, family and even a homunculus — Susan Marie Shuman’s collection of short stories covers them all. A resident of North Shelby, Shuman self-published “Gutter Ball” after years of writing, both as a freelancer and for personal enjoyment.

Her passion for writing first started in the sixth grade, Shuman said, when she got lost in an assignment.

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Hardly child’s play: Persistence and resolve led to ‘Waterfall Island’

The road to first-time authorship is one of surprises, self-revelations and learning.

Take Emma Sumner of Folsom, for instance, a 9-year-old third-grader at Gold Ridge Elementary School. She self-published “The Fairies of Waterfall Island” in August, after working on it for a year (SumFun Ink, $10, 130 pages). It was quite an adventure.

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Mystery Writers Unite

Catriona McPherson has a lovely brogue from her native Scotland, a quick wit and the experience of publishing 20 mystery novels. That combination proved irresistible to about about 60 attendees at the Great Capitol Crimes Writers Workshop, held April 22 at Rancho Cordova City Hall.

Aspiring writers looked to McPherson for inspiration. The Davis resident has completed 20 manuscripts set in England and Scotland, including 11 historical mysteries featuring the recurring character Dandy Gilver. The award-winning mystery series has also been optioned by Scottish TV.

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How eBooks lost their shine: ‘Kindles now look clunky and unhip’

Just a few years ago, the Kindle was being blamed for the death of the traditional book. But the latest figures show a dramatic reversal of fortunes, with sales of ebooks plunging. So what’s behind this resurgence?

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