Let’s Talk: Author Bio

Here is a great post from Rachael Ritchey’s blog on how to write an author bio

Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

Earlier this week, Steven Capps came on the blog and shared some helpful advice with us about honesty when it comes to publishing, awards, and credentials. He did a great job explaining the importance of the why we should be ethical and honest when using awards and sharing credentials in our bios, but I am sure some of us are wondering how to write a great Author Bio that will grab attention.

The best advice I can give is study what others are doing and practice. Don’t expect to be amazing at it on your first try. I can hear the groans now . . . Study? Practice? Yes. Do both.AxxLC pixabay pencil-1758275_1280

To help you in that department, I’ve compiled this short list of helpful articles on writing an author bio. Beware that not all advice is created equal, so be discerning and then work on that stuff I mentioned…

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