Excerpt from Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1: The Beginning

Check out this excerpt from Ravynwyng Chronicles from Anna Dobritt’s blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Several loud bangs made them jump and their ears rang. The window nearest Jennie crashed inward and two figures climbed through. One ran to the door as it banged open and Scarlet staggered into the bedroom. Her sudden entry knocked Lyta off balance and she nearly fell. Ravyn knelt on the bed and ripped the blindfolds from Jennie and Nicole. She cut the ropes that bound their ankles. With the blindfold removed, Jennie cried out when Scarlet lunged at her with a knife. Ravyn spun and blocked the blow with her left arm and kicked out at the same time. Scarlet hit the floor hard, but retained the knife.

“Finish untying them and get them outside!” Lyta turned back to the door.

“I can’t! They’re handcuffed to the bed!”

“Shit!” Lyta hurried over and pulled a set of keys from her pocket. “Use the smallest!” Shouts and thuds came from…

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