Excerpt from Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe Volume 1: The Beginning

Check out this excerpt from the Ravynwyng Chronicales by Anna Dobritt from her blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Ravyn found herself in the dream garden, flowers gleamed in the light of the full moon. Cara sat beside her on the marble bench. ‘Why are we here?’

‘Someone wants to talk to you,’ Cara replied.

The air before Ravyn shimmered, a silvery light that grew brighter as she watched. A tall woman with short black hair and light gray eyes emerged with a smile playing about her lips. Ravyn blushed when an unbidden thought of going to bed with the woman flitted through her mind.

Cara pecked Ravyn on the arm in gentle reprimand. ‘Again with the sex? Wasn’t your earlier romp enough?’

Ravyn bowed her head to hide the blush. The woman took a seat on the grass and folded her legs beneath her. ‘Hello, Ravyn Wyng. I’m Lady Raven.’

‘Um. Hello.’ Ravyn kept her eyes averted.

Cara chuckled as she moved to perch on her human’s shoulder…

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