The Archivist — Chapter 16

Check out chapter 16 of The Archivist by Anna Dobritt courtesy of her blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 16

A faint snore from the passenger seat made Lennie smile. I do believe someone stayed up a playing video games. She reached over and nudged Nickie’s shoulder. “We’ve arrived. Time to get to work.”


“Up late playing games?” Lennie shut off the ignition and popped the trunk.

“Yeah. Was trying to get through this one level and sort of lost track of the time. From now on I’ll try and limit how much I play before i go to bed.”

“When we are involved in exploring a building or ruins, I’d prefer you not play any games. You need to be alert and ready for anything.”

“Understood.” Nickie grabbed her pack and kit from the trunk. “I stashed some bottled water and candy bars in my pack.”

“Same here. Also have a first aid kit.”

A car pulled in behind them. Shannon and James emerged. “Good morning!…

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