Tip Of The Day: Stay Organised!

Check out this great post from the Gemstone Author blog on the importance of staying organized as a writer.

When I first started writing I had no idea just how confusing things can get when your selling on different platforms.

As an independent author, I often find that different versions of books are needed for different websites. For example, people who claim my book on Instafreebie can’t sign up to my mailing list to claim my free novella, because the already signed up at Instafreebie. This means I need a different file on that site with a direct download link to my novella.

It was all very well and good, tweaking my files and uploading them to the different sites, but I made one big mistake.

I didn’t label each file clearly.

I allowed my computer to simply rename them adding a number on the end and today it occurred to me that I had no idea what file was where.

So, with a whole day off work, rather…

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