Track your KDP Sales With ‘Book Report’

In this tip, I wanted to share a tool with you that I have come to depend on for tracking my books at a glance. It’s called Book Report. It’s a free plugin for your browser that will give you various summarized views of your books published on Amazon for the Kindle.

Once you have installed book report you can easily track your books at the click of a button.

First, log in to your KDP account and click on Reports



Next, you’ll want to click on the book report link (you’ll figure this out when you get the app.

You will get the following view:


It gives you your earnings for the period (I blanked mine out) with a drop down where you can pick ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, ‘this month’, ‘last month’ and many other ranges.

It also gives you this view:


This view shows you how many books and pages were read per day. I took off the number scale to keep my details confidential.

You also get this view:


This tool is very useful and the great thing is, for most of us, it will be free up to a certain point. Here is the pricing criteria:

Free for everyone for the first two weeks. See how much you can learn from your data.

Free for everyone earning less than $1000/month on KDP.

$10/month if you’re finished your trial and you earned more than $1000 last month.

If you’re interested in using book report, you can get it by clicking HERE.

I hope you find this tool useful.

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