Watching The Bodies by @GrahamSmith1972 #ExclusiveExtract #Part1 #unleashboulder

Check out this exclusive extract from the book, Watching the Bodies, by Graham Smith, from the By The Letter Book Reviews blog.


So excited to be able to share with you an exclusive extract from Watching The Bodies which is the first in a brand spanking new crime series by the very talented Graham Smith. The awesome Noelle Holten over at Crime Book Junkie is sharing part 2 of the exclusive extract which will be up on her blog tomorrow, so make sure to stop by.

Watching the Bodies

Chapter 1

When the woman gets within twenty yards of the body he’s dumped, the Watcher presses his body into the earth and raises his binoculars to his eyes.

She’s in her mid-fifties and accompanied by a Labrador puppy on a retractable leash. She’s relaxed, enjoying the walk and the time away from the stresses of work and family life.

Her face is familiar. After a moment’s thought he places her. The woman approaching the body is Mrs Halliburton, his former history teacher.

As she nears the…

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