Opening Scene: Ichabod Brooks & the Yellow Ogres

Check out the opening scene from Ichabod Brooks & the Yellow Ogres by Charles Yallowitz from his blog.

Legends of Windemere

Ichabod Brooks

Having left a large bowl of food for Beardy in his stable and making sure the gate does not lock the pet out, Ichabod cracks his knuckles and heads for the kitchen. He tightens the belt of his soft bathrobe and wiggles his toes, which are warm within his blue slippers. Picking up a list of chores that his wife left behind, the adventurer wonders if his week-long break from family and work is really a trap. The repairs to the roof are minor, but he is rather suspicious of the request to clean as much as he wants. Remembering the last time he followed his heart, Ichabod knows that the answer is not a single room. Wandering the large cabin, the dark-skinned man finds every creaky board and loose step that needs to be fixed. With a yawn, he gets a piece of chalk to mark every…

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