Around the World by Horse and Caravan: A Record Breaking Journey

Check out this great story from the Lion Around Writing blog in a triumphant return to the blogging community.


I’ve been holding this story back awhile – non-fiction this time. Originally an attempt at getting the journey below into Wikipedia the resulting article is what you see. I went on this record breaking journey around the world with my family by horse and caravan starting in 1990.

around the world caravan mongolia Traceur our horse pulling the caravan through the scenic but desolate steppe of Mongolia.

The First Around the World by Horse Drawn Caravan journey began in 1990, officially beginning in Holland. The Scottish family of five included David Grant, then wife Kate, and their three children (from oldest to youngest), Torcuil, Eilidh and Fionn. The aim of the journey was to circumnavigate the globe by horse and caravan, a feat which has never been done before. From Holland the trip continued on through Belgium, France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The next stage of the journey went through Hungary, Ukraine

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