Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland @under_blue_sky #review and #recipe @bonnierzaffre

Check out the book, Lost for Words, by Stephanie Butland, from the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

Despite the title, I won’t be lost for words reviewing this lovely book. It is full of characters you will take to your heart and I loved the way the storyunfolded. Loveday Cardew is a young woman in her twenties, quite a spiky character, who works in an independent bookshop in York owned by the wonderfully eccentric Archie. Some years previously as a young girl, as the story hints at and gradually reveals, she suffered terrible loss.This is one of the reasons she now wants to be so self-sufficient and closes herself off from most relationships. She guards her past secrets well and doesn’t discuss them with anyone. So when some books arrive at her bookshop which suggest that someone knows about her past and is trying to send her a message, she feels that her carefully constructed life may be about to fall apart.

As with Stephanie Butland’s previous…

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