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Self-publishing the way to go for new Kiwi authors

More than five years ago Greg Fowler received a box on his doorstep. A box of books with his name on every cover. Those books are now headed to one of the largest book festivals in the world.

Jam Sandwiches follows the journey of an abandoned young boy with Down Syndrome and the lives he touches as he navigates his way through life.

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Writers, avoid self-publishing traps

You have taken the time and spent the energy to write your book. You many even spend the money to have it copyedited. But now you have a choice: do you try to get published or do you self-publish? There are pros and cons to both options. I have been working with many authors who have fallen victim to self-publisher traps. They spent a lot of money to get a few printed copies of their work and maybe got it listed on with several hundred thousand other titles. I don’t want to call self-publishing companies scammers, because most of them deliver what they put on their websites, and a scam would take your money and not deliver. The term publisher is a broad term, and many of these self-publishing companies take advantage of that.

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Business by the Book:

How Becoming a Published Author Can Accelerate Your Success

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in—today, customers and clients demand to work with experts. In some cases, they want to work only with the marquee names in a particular field. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to take the right steps to demonstrate your expertise and authority—and, if possible, be seen as a bit of a celebrity in your business.

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Printed Books: Obsolete, or on the March?

We live in an era of digital technology, when most physical processes are becoming accessible through digital means. Writing and sending letters is practically a dead art form, thanks to the prevalence of email and instant messaging, and there’s even some evidence to suggest that phone calls are becoming obsolete.

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Book publishing in the digital age

There were two questions driving the identity of our book startup: In the age of algorithms and social media, can we create an enclave where creative and intellectual sophistication still matter? Can we build a publishing model where readers instead of advertisers are the main stakeholders?

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