Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski #review @concretekraken @OrendaBooks

Check out the book, Six Stories, by Matt Wesolowski, courtesy of the Portobello Book Blog

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Six Stories is very different from any book I have read recently and that made it a really intriguing read. The author, Matt Wesolowski, was kind enough to write a guest post for my blog recently and you can read that by clicking here

Six Stories takes the format of a podcast series investigating the mysterious death of teenager Tom Jeffries twenty years ago at an outward bound centre in the fictional Scarclaw Fell. Over six episodes we hear about what happened from the points of view of six of the people involved: four other teenagers, one of the group leaders and a local man who had befriended the group.

I have to admit, I’m not really familiar with podcasts but I know that they are very popular and that one in particular, Serial, follows a similar format to that portrayed in the book. It involves an investigative journalist…

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