68 hooks and a constant reminder of Dame Julie Andrews – Guest Post by Ian Hutson…

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Writers should be banned from living on boats (because they won’t stop wobbling on about it)! Let me wobble on some more.

I love my boat. I loved it right from the start. However, like most of the loves of my life, I soon realised that it could benefit from a visit to a barber’s shop, the devotions of a decent tailor and some sort of obedience training.

Chief among the items screaming for attention was the boat’s name, “Moorea”. Doubtless the previous owners loved it. I did not. Mo’orea is a South Pacific island, part of French Polynesia’s Society Islands archipelago. It is known for its hairy turtle-crabs that crawl up the beach and lay fried-eggs sideways in the tops of palm trees once a century, or something. Anyway, someone had not only hand-painted Moorea on both sides of my beloved boat but had also added some smudges that…

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3 thoughts on “68 hooks and a constant reminder of Dame Julie Andrews – Guest Post by Ian Hutson…

  1. Thank you sir! Much appreciated. The Cardinal and I had another adventure today, in that just as we set off to move a few miles along the canal towards a town called Nantwich, the bracket holding the oil-pressure sensor sheared off… Suddenly the indicated oil pressure fell to zero so I had to cut the engine and coast us through a bridge and to the towpath! Minor repairs undertaken but I am waiting for a Brotherly check and confirmation before I start the engine again. It’s all go, this boating lark! 😉

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