Indie Author Friday: D.L. Robinson #IndieAuthor #romance

It’s Indie Author Friday on the Books and Such blog. Check out featured author D.L. Robinson.

Books and Such

Welcome D.L. Robinson to Indie Author Friday!  With five young children, I can’t imagine how she has time to write, but in the questions below, she reveals her methods for working it in.  And I think I’m going to need her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

In just a few short days Loriel has major concerns about her new job. First thought to be a dream career, she realizes the job she had so anticipated has placed a target on her back, and she will be lucky to come out unscathed. Without the help of Givanni, her boss’s nephew and the CEO at Shellbrook, her fate would have been sealed a few times over. But his world, though frightening, brings with it breathtaking sights, adoring family, and stronger feelings than Loriel wants to admit. And although making it out alive had seemed impossible, it becomes desperately more important to make it…

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