How to write the perfect heart-pounding scene

Check out this post on Jean’s Writing blog on how to write the perfect heart pounding scene

Jean's Writing

Love, love, love the tips I learned today.

Although my scenes are far from perfect, I moved a little closer to good today.

Reading a post from by DiAnn Mills got my writing juices flowing.

DiAnn titles her post as 4 Tips For Writing Fresh, Engaging, Unforgettable Scenes | BookDaily #AuthorTips.

But it is much more than just 4 little tidbits on writing. 

Why is my heart pumping with excitement?

Because I’d reached an impasse in my WIP and she gave me the answer!

  • Every decision my characters make have consequences.
  • Consequences propel the story forward, or should.
  • Not all consequences are bad. Ah ha!

My character must choose between two rights!

We all know to have our character choose between right or wrong. But what about choosing between two rights? What will be the consequence of either choice?

See how her tips get you thinking?

I do hope you’ll…

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