Guest post by Alexina Golding Commissioning Advisor at Bloodhound Books #WhenDreamsComeTrue

Check out this guest post by Alexina Golding on the My Chestnut Reading Tree blog


As part of my occasional look at how people in the book world have achieved their dreams, today it’s the turn of Alexina Golding who is the commissioning advisor at Bloodhound Books.


Guest post…

I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t read to some degree or other, I was the child that would fill up my reads on family members library cards. I loved my local library, and still live quite close to it, I don’t visit as often as I should, but I used to take my children to sit on the same train and read stories to them there when they were little.
I have had peaks and dips in my reading life, sometimes I would read magazines, novels, woman’s fiction, or darker books.
I have always read. I didn’t really read the classics at school, but I read…
When I left school I…

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