The Woman Who Met Her Match by @FionaGibson #review @AvonBooksUK

Check out the book, The woman who met her match, by Fiona Gibson, courtesy of the Portobello Book Blog

Portobello Book Blog

This book arrived in the post unexpectedly last week, as books occasionally do if you are a blogger. Usually I would add it to my to-be-read-sometime pile but I really fancied the look of this one so decided to read it as soon as I had finished my current read. I thought it looked like it would be great fun and I was right!

Lorrie was a character I immediately liked. She is a 40-something single mother, with two great kids, working hard in a job she loves at a cosmetics counter in a department store and has just decided that romance is not for her after a few bad (though funny!) experiences with internet dating. She doesn’t have much confidence in her appearance, not helped by her svelte 70 year old mother continually putting her down and one of her dates saying she looked like a woman ‘who likes…

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