Expert or YouTube Personality?

Check out this post from Stephen Dennstedt on the value of celebrities vs. experts on YouTube.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

I watch a lot of YouTube. It is second only to Google for quickly getting information and has the advantage of being a visual/audio medium. But increasingly I am having a problem with YouTube presenters. In a nutshell it’s about celebrity versus expertise. My subject of interest is primarily photography—and YouTube can be a great resource albeit with certain caveats.

I watch a ton of YouTube channels that deal with photography. But I’m finding the really popular channels often have more to do with celebrity and personality than with ability. One of the first things I do when viewing a YouTube channel is to search out their other links: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s there that I get a glimpse of their work (or oftentimes NOT).

My assumption has always been (in the past) that YouTube personalities with 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 or even 1-million followers…

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