Excerpt from Raven Flight Novelette

Check out this excerpt from Anna Dobritt’s Raven Flight novelette from her blog

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Ronne’s fingers danced across the keyboard.

‘We need to find the person the Shadow mentioned. One of the ravens must know where she is. I recommend Gina Thomas for this task since she’s a genius at finding people and has the computer savvy to get it done fast.’

After emailing the report, she leaned back in her chair. “By the Lady! It’s been a long, busy, and tiring day.” A faint glow from her ring caught her eye while she turned off the computer. “Give me a break!” The glow intensified, and she hurried over to Shado’s perch. “Wake up! We’ve got trouble!”

He blinked and yawned. “All right, I’m awake. What’s wrong?”

The front door wavered and darkened as a shape took form; gliding into the apartment. Ronne moved to the center of the room, Shado on her shoulder. The glow from his feathers matched that of the ring…

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