Creating a Universal Amazon Link – One Link Amazon Sites in all Countries

I posted this tip a while ago and got some positive feedback. If you set up buying links for your books, many of you are probably posting Amazon links for each country that you think your book will likely realize some sales.

There is no need to do this.

I was getting frustrated when I ran a free book promotion weekend and experimented with placing a Facebook ad that reached out to multiple countries. My dilemma with doing this is that I didn’t have a way to post all of the links for the various Amazon sites in other countries on my ad without it looking clumsy.

I searched for a way to create a universal link for my book. A universal link, when clicked by a potential reader, is designed to take them to my book on the appropriate Amazon page for their country.

All they needed to do was click this one link and it would take them to the Amazon site for the country they were currently in.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do this at absolutely no cost. The site I used is called Booklinker. You can find it HERE. It’s very easy to use. Just paste the URL for your book from any country’s Amazon site in the field as shown:

Once you paste in your link and click on the button, you’ll see this screen with a dropdown menu:

You will then end up with a link that you can copy and paste:

The best thing about using this site is the dashboard. During my giveaway weekend, I was able to see how many people were clicking the link from my ad and from what countries:

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments regarding your experience with creating universal links, please jump in.

53 thoughts on “Creating a Universal Amazon Link – One Link Amazon Sites in all Countries

      • After putting in my Amazon book link two boxes appear. The left hand one offers a choice of get view and my The other box says give your link a name. Despite trying various options none of them work. When I put in my Amazon book link in the r/hand box it says its too long and even when I reduce it is still not accepted. Please advise on what I should I do to resolve this.

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      • If it’s a purchase link, although it doesn’t matter, I choose As for the Amazon link, choose your book from your KDP bookshelf so the link is shorter. Beyond that, I don’t administer this site, so you might want to reach out to their tech support. I’ve never had or heard of any of the problems you’re encountering.


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