#MarketingMonday w/@PamPerry: What Is Branding and a Brand Promise? #bookpromo #ammarketing

Check out this post from Pam Perry on the Motown Writers blog on the topic of branding.

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820d9-pamperry-731603What is Branding?

Many people think that having a logo, tagline, great photos, and maybe a website, blog and Facebook page is all they need to set up their brand. NOT!

However, brand, as we know it today is not a logo. A logo is the tangible identity of a company in the market. Logos can be emblems, signs or symbols designed to portray the image of a company. So you see a logo (which is essentially a piece of art) is not a brand. However, it is integral to the brand.

By branding – you are creating a PERCEIVED image – SO you must distinguish yourself, your book or your organization from others who do similar stuff or offer similar products.


What is your brand promise? Who do people say YOU ARE? Are they confused? Are you?

Said another…

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