Story Stuff: G Is For Growth

Check out this great post from Allison Maruska’s blog on the topic of growth in your story

Allison Maruska

Welcome to day . . . *sings alphabet in head while counting* . . . seven of our A-Z series. Today is all about growth, specifically in characters, otherwise known as the arc.


Simply put, a character’s growth arc is how he changes from the beginning to the end of the story. This post outlines how that can occur, though it’s written in a concrete way and could box writers in (the MC doesn’t necessarily need to start the story with a wound they are comfortable with, for example. They could be dealing with something they aren’t comfortable with – or maybe life was pretty damn good before the inciting incident threw everything into the fan). The point is the character can’t reach the end of the story and be exactly the same as he was in the beginning.

Since the protag (and other characters to a lesser degree)…

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